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Q: If I lost all my car keys can I have a new one made?

A: Yes, we can make you a new key if the VIN number of your car is available. Proof of ownership will be needed. For older model cars cost may increase because other methods may be needed to produce the key, since database information is continually purged as new information is added.

Q: Do I need to have my car present to have a transponder (computer chip) key made?

A: In most cases you do. There are some cars that we can clone your key, but it is a slightly more expensive way to go. Call ahead of time to determine if you key can be cloned.

Q: If my car uses a transponder/computer chip key, can you make me a non-transponder key to open the door?

A: Yes, but remember the key will only open the door, it will not start the car.

Q: My car uses a separate key and remote. Can you supply and program a new remote for my car?

A: Yes, and we have most remotes in stock.

Q: What do you need to rekey my residential lock?

A: It is best to bring the lock with a working key and in most cases we can do the job while you wait. If you happen not to have a key to your lock it can still be rekeyed, but you will have to leave the lock with us for a few hours.