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The Car Key Store - For All Your Replacement Car Key Needs!

American Locksmiths - The Car Key StoreAmerican Locksmiths specializes in automotive locksmithing and can even help you with transponder/computer chip keys and automobile remote needs. We have all of the latest computer equipment needed to program the keys to your car. We offer new car key fobs, keys and remotes in our shop as well as roadside assistance. We will deliver them to you so you can continue with your day without the need of an expensive tow.

We have years of experience cutting and reprogramming keys for all makes and models. If your key breaks or is lost, it can take dealerships days to get you a new key. With American Locksmiths you can have replacement car keys the same day and normally it only takes a few minutes.

You can rest assured that we can meet all your automotive needs from computer chip or transponder keys, car remotes, and ignition repair for most vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, and motorcycles. If you need another auto key or lose one of your keys, American Locksmiths is the place to come.

The Car Key Store